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 by Rev. Dr. Niinana Kweku C.A.M.F (Author)

The book is about the experience of a black man in America who was born into a sharecropper family. It’s about his experiences and observations of the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, and, now, 2015. It’s about how much America has changed but still remains the same. It’s about racism and white supremacy, from the White House to the outhouse. It’s about the 99 percent in the outhouse versus the 1 percent in the White House. This book is about the white supremacy of all colors and nationalities. This book is to serve as a reminder to all of us that white supremacy cannot endure without all of us participating. We have got to change. We have got to free ourselves from the greed of capitalism. Remember, you can’t spend your dollars with the people who control this white supremacist regime and not bear any of the responsibility.

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