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Charles SmallCharles Small hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is proud of the fact that he studied with the great Manty Ellis. Charles attended the Wisconsin Conservatory of music where he also studied classical and Jazz theory under the direction of jazz department dean the late Tony King, who also taught and mentored such well known musicians-Brian Lynch, Marcus Robinson, Jeff Chambers, Sam Belton, Dave Hazeltine and many more. The “Small Talk” cd is a dream come true, thanks to the great jazz and blues vocalist Barbara Morrison who is also the CEO and founder of Blue Lady Records. This album features her outstanding backup band, a classy quartet who she affectionately refers to as The Bu Crew. Small Talk switches gears and styles ranging from ballads, latin, soulful r&b and straight ahead. The superb musicians are drummer & percussionist extraordinare Daniel Bejarano, the excellent bass playing and vocals of Rickey Taylor, the brilliant piano & keyboards of Mark Massey and Chris Ho. Whether you are a jazz fan or not, this album is a must have in your collection, it is spiritually inspiring, full of fire and beauty. A great first effort from The “Bu Crew”. Recommended Tracks: The Bill Withers classic “Hello Like Before” featuring Barbara Morrison, The Billy Strayhorn-Duke Ellington classic “Lush Life” featuring Rickey Taylor “Sweet Pretty Thing” for straight ahead lovers, The beautiful guitar medley of Wes Montgomery’s “Mi Cosa” and John Coltrane’s “After the Rain”.