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Cartier Jonez & Mrgatez are a Nigerian American hip hop duo raised from Houston, Texas. In 2015, they released their first commercial single “No Love” in collaboration with Nigerian hip hop artist and vice president of record label Chocolate City, Bet Award Winner Ice Prince. Their single gained popularity as it aired on live television and they have gone on to release several more singles.

Originally from Edo, Nigeria, This duo has perfected their versatility to combine American hip hop and Afro-American flavor to their music. As both producers and vocal lead, Cartier Jonez (Olayinka Donnie Iroh) and Mrgatez (Bill Oluwatobi Iroh) their sense of style is known for its uniqueness and versatility. Being raised in Houston, Texas most of their lives; their primary style is modern American hip hop.

Cartier Jonez (born Olayinka Donnie Iroh) was born on May 25, 1992 and Mrgatez (born Bill Oluwatobi Iroh) was born on February 7, 1996. Their parents were previously Chief Borokini of Lagos and now God-fearing Pastors. Since music and hip hop culture is evolving, they want to release their new single for their uncle who is the NACB Nigerian Boxing Champion Bash Ali to reveal their new style of music after so many years and redeem, as well as to support their uncle. Their first single being “No Love”, ironically they have now found love since their single was many years ago and their views and mindset has changed. Cartier Jonez is now happily married. Asides from their music, they also attain other arts such as drumming, painting, arts and animation.